Date: 02 March, 2024
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Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing services

Social Media Marketing (includes account management)

Twitter setup - account creation & management.
Facebook setup - Business fan page creation, weekly postings and account management.
Blog setup - Determine which application best suits your company as well as layout, design, content management, and much more.

Internet Marketing services

Internet Marketing (including SEO (Search engine optimization) services, PPC (Pay Per Click) management and Web - Analytics consultation)

Monthly Analytic Reports - As one of my clients said, it is the "cliffnotes" version of your Google Analytics report. I will send you a monthly report of your website traffic and breakdown the most important statistics for that month. I will also make recommendations on how you can improve your website to increase your traffic going forward.

SEOPPC Monthly Reports & Consultation - Besides the monthly analytics reports for my clients, I also provide SEO and PPC consultation services and monthly reports. We can answer questions like - How can you improve your rankings? Why is my website not ranking? How do I get started with PPC? And much more.

Website consultation & content management - I provide a number of website services. Do you need help with your website content? Maybe you don't have time to update your website? That's what I'm here for. Let me help you keep your website updated and "SEO - friendly" (including your FB fan page).

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