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Doug McSorley.com

Welcome to Doug McSorley’s 2024 site update!

Much has changed since 2010:
– 15+ years of marriage with my wife, Jen
– Parent to two Great Danes: Violet & Cyrus
– Enhanced passion for gardening.


Discover more about me beyond consulting on the “About Doug” page.

Doug's interests


After finding out I have ADHD back in 2023, suddenly, my life made more sense - like fitting in the last piece of a mysterious puzzle. I've been on a journey, a revealing quest, unearthing more about ADHD each day. It's been enlightening- like reading a book where each chapter is more captivating than the last. I'm continuing to learn more about ADHD and I'm happy to share my experiences.


Unlock the secrets of my green thumb journey – it's more exhilarating than you think! I'm continuing to learn more about gardening and I'm happy to share my experiences. Join me on my gardening journeys. Let's grow together, basking in the sublime joy of greening the earth, one plant at a time. Ready to embark on this gardening adventure with me?

Nature & Fitness

There's something magical about the fusion of nature and fitness in my life, a synergy that ignites an inexplicable energy within me. And I want to take you on this journey with me. Let's explore the deep woods, let's climb those majestic mountains, let's dive into the vast ocean waves. Let's uplift our spirits and strengthen our bodies together. Who's ready to embrace the wild and flex some muscles with me?

“Doug is an invaluable asset to his company, who provides excellent customer service and more importantly, is always willing to take the time to listen to his clients' ideas, suggestions, and even complaints. It’s truly been a privilege working with Doug and it's individuals like him who make his company the best in the business in my opinion..”




Who is Doug?

Because when a visitor first lands on your website, you’re a stranger to them. They have to get to know you in order to want to read your blog posts, LinkedIN posts, etc.


Whether you’re curious about myself, ADHD, gardening, etc, I’m here to answer any questions.

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